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I have a pile problem. My husband is loath to let me get a new table, because he knows it will not take me but a day or two to cover it with stuff. Really though this goes for the floor too. Not hoarder level mind you, not even close. Just enough to make everything look overwhelmed and cluttered.

My closet is a perpetual catch-all for things I don’t want to deal with. It is a small walk in, that holds surprisingly more than one might think. Once many years ago I lost a toilet (from a remodel) in there. I wish I was joking.

Tonight before the obligatory new year count down I started to tackle the closet. This is a lot harder for me than I may be able to express. When I am not doing well just thinking about it can lead to a full anxiety attack. Today however was a good day, so I took advantage of it. I grab a bunch of garbage bags, and promised to ruthlessly donate all the clothes that do not fit or that I only like enough to wear when I need to do laundry. This unfortunately contributes to the piles of dirty clothes in the laundry room and the piles of clean laundry waiting to be put away. Sense a theme?

So far I have collected two and a half bags of clothes. I have purged all wire hangers, and organized the rest of the mismatched hangers that I came across. I kept going until the family needed my attention more than the closet did. Hopefully I will have another day soon that is good for me to keep working on it. For today, I made progress.