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Over the years I have really struggled with settling on a style. I naturally lean toward eclectic, but that often leads me to spending money on lots of individual items that I like, but no outfits that look good together. I think this has been one of the things that has held me back for so long with my decluttering.

I really did LOVE that one funky skirt. It fit, and was in decent condition. However I had NOTHING to wear with it. So it sat in my closet, waiting for me to find the rest of the outfit to purchase. For 3 years. Three years of me looking at it wondering why I spent the money. Three years of it getting knocked down in my overstuffed closet, and going through the wash even though I had not worn it, but found it buried in a pile of shoes. Three years seriously considering throwing good money after bad to make one outfit – which could not have been worn with anything else. Now luckily in this case at least it was a thrift store find, so I was out less than $5 for my poor choice. Now it has been donated and can be someone else’s poor choice. Or maybe they have already found their style and it fits with their wardrobe.

After going through and donating everything that did not fit  and tossing everything that was damaged I looked at what remained. 90% of it I really liked. 80% of it formed outfits. There were a few outliers, like that funky skirt, that I just finally gave up on, but mostly what was left gave me a good picture of the style I am most comfortable in.

In that serendipitous way of the internet and the universe, during this process I came across a style quiz from Julep which was kind enough to label me as Classic with a Twist which I think labels what my closet showed me rather nicely.

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